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What To Do? Partial & Full Vinyl Vehicle Wraps

What To Do? Partial & Full Vinyl Vehicle Wraps

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There are many things you can do with custom vinyl vehicle graphics. We’ve talked about the benefits of using vinyl vehicle wraps as advertising/marketing, and we have shown you some of the work we’ve done. We can work with you to best help understand your budget and we can consult on what will work best for your intentions. Vinyl wraps can be simple, or complex, and there’s countless variables that go into the design and installation process.

Partial Vinyl Vehicle Wraps

You can definitely deliver valuable information without wrapping the entirety of the vehicle. You might not have a huge budget, or maybe you have a small business, or new to the area. You can still get many of the benefits of custom vinyl vehicle graphics with minimal design. You can utilize just your logo and branding, without covering the whole car. You can get creative and just add vehicle branding that shows the company website, phone number, or tagline. Or you can add an effect that transitions from one section to another, or only wrap a certain area of the vehicle.

Partial Verizon Decal Lettering

Full Car Wrapping

Much like the benefits of logo decals, wrapping the full body of a vehicle is huge for any company or organization. A full vinyl vehicle wrap means everything is covered from bumper to bumper. To the naked eye it will just look like the vehicle is painted, as the vinyl won’t warp or change based on the vehicle design. Based on what style of vehicle you’re working with, we can explore ideas and come up with something that won’t only get you brand awareness, but turn some heads along the way!

Full Air Force Reserve Vehicle Wrap


There’s alot that goes into the process of wrapping a vehicle for your business or organization. You need a team of specialists that have worked with different industries, from different regions of the country, that can convey your message appropriately. You’ve found that team with VSP Graphic Group. To start the conversation on custom vehicle wrapping from VSP, just give us a call and we can get started today!