VSP. Overcoming Adversity

VSP. Overcoming Adversity

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In November 2014, a deadly and destructive storm hit Buffalo, NY. Over 7ft of snow fell in less than 24 hours in some areas, and both businesses and communities, took a huge hit. They called it “Snovember”, and VSP came to know it all too well.

The weight of the snow was too heavy for VSP’s main production facility. The building collapsed.

Underneath the immense weight of the snow, all of the large format printers, projects, computers, hard drives – everything dear to a business like VSP – was held victim by the storm. Some items trapped for weeks.

But the community support was incredible. Fire departments, clients, friends, and family – everyone came out to help clear snow, and salvage what was accessible. The building collapsed Tuesday, and by Monday the following week, VSP was 100% fully operational, moving what they could into a separate installation facility. Thanks to the blessing of industry partners like Roland, and every one that lent a hand, VSP was able to deliver on all of the projects that were in progress, and didn’t miss a beat. It’s times like these that truly represent the City of Buffalo, and the relationships forged over the years.